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Get Your Feet Ready for Summer

#Toe Nail Designs 2021

Summer is coming slowly. This hot day is the season for every beauty to show their charm. The beauties in the streets take off their heavy spring clothes and put on cool summer clothes. Their long bare legs and beautiful backs attract everyone's attention. But in addition to these points, their toenails are also a point of concern, so beauties should not only focus on make-up, but also need to trim your toenails to make them look better. There are many easy ways to get your feet ready for summer in no time so you can slip on your favorite sandals as soon as the sun comes out.

  1. Cutting your nails

You can use nail clippers and nail files to trim your own toenails into a shape suitable for our own feet. You can keep the edges square and don’t round them off to avoid ingrown toenails and avoid an uneven, raggedy look.


  1. Washing your feet every day

Every night before you get into bed, you need to wash your feet thoroughly and moisturize your feet right after patting them dry. Your skin will be able to absorb the moisturizer when it’s damp. Also, just as you religiously apply your face mask on a regular schedule, make sure to keep up with your exfoliation routine at least once or twice a week.


  1. Pick the Right Polish
    The polish you use to paint your toenails can make or break how your feet look. Avoid pale and dark color extremes. The contrast between pale or dark shades and your skin tends to wash out your skin tone. Take advantage of summer style to brighten up your feet in cheerful shades of orange or pink.

To make a summary statement with your feet, go for a neon coral or orange hue. If you prefer a more polished, neutral finish, choose a less flashy peach or millennial pink. No matter what color polish you choose, always apply a generous base coat underneath the colored polish. A clear base coat protects your nail beds from harsh chemicals in your polish and prevents staining and yellowing. Furthermore, when you apply nail polish, you can separate the pigment from careless toes around the toenails and use them to separate them from each other.

When doing your toenails, be patient and careful as you do your manicures. I believe the finished toenails will be very beautiful. When you wear sandals or flip-flops, your whole body will shine and attract people's attention.