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Are ColoMe nails products reusable?

Major ColoMe nail products are nail polish, nail powder and related disposable products, so they are not reusable. But most of products support many times usage and the detail page would show the net content of each product.


What should I do if I want to remove nail polish or powder?

If customer want to remove the nail polish or powder, use the special remover product is the best choice. There is an amazingly convenient remover product in our website, and most of our nail products could be removed easily by the polish remover. Here is the link:


Are the ColoMe nail product durable?

ColoMe high-performance nail products are sourced from several reliable suppliers, so most of the nail products are durable if users use in the proper way.


Shopping and Ordering

Why didn’t I receive my full order?

Some of the products in one order are provided by different suppliers, so you may receive several packages for one single order. If you need the detailed logistic information, please contact our customer server.


Where can I buy ColoMe products?

Currently we only support the website orders, so here is the link:


What are the payment options on the ColoMe website?

ColoMe website accepts payment approaches of PayPal and 2 Checkout (Visa, Master, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club).


Can I place my order over the phone?

Sorry, we don’t support the on-call ordering currently.


How do I print a receipt for my purchase?

We will send your digital receipt to your registered email.


Where the products shipped from?

Most of our products are shipped from mainland China.


How long will package take to arrive?

It depends on the specific product category, volume, and time of the order. Normally, it takes around 40 days.


How much does the shipping cost?

The price showed on the product page already included the shipping cost, and if there are added fee on shipping, then it will show before payment.


Returns and exchanges

Can I cancel my order?

No. But ColoMe support refund if the item arrives late or not as describe. 


How long does it take to process a refund?

Buyer protection starts on the day we ship the product. Customers will get a refund if the item arrives late or not as describe. Each product has different protection periods, either 75 or 90 days, please check the product page.


I bought products on ColoMe but I don’t want it anymore, can I return it online?

No, we only accept the refund due to the item arrives late or not as describe.



Will my personal information be disclosure?

No. ColoMe will obey the privacy rules, so we never disclose the customer information and for any commercial usage.


Where can I get gift coupons?

Please keep on subscribing and noticing our promotion emails, we will send gift coupons through emails.